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The best Eyelash Growth Product 27/06/2013

The best Eyelash Growth Product

The best eyelash growth product is known to be Lumigan. This product consists of 30 ml of bimatoprost and it is an excellent product for anyone wanting longer, thicker and more prominent eyelashes. Anyone suffering from eyelash hypotrichosis can use this product and would see results.

Action mechanism

The reason due to which Lumigan is the best eyelash growth product is because it consists of bimatoprost, something that would hasten the process of eyelash growth. What this does is that it increases the growth phase of the eyelashes while simulating the hair follicles of the eyelashes at the same time. In this time period the eyelashes grow thicker and longer due to this simulation. This makes them more prominent as well.


Lumigan, being the best eyelash growth product can be used by anyone generally. However do consult a doctor if you have (or think you have the tendency to develop) a skin condition.

Mode of administration and tips how to apply and use

Prior to application wash your face thoroughly. Use a face wash or a mask, if you must. If you sweat a lot, live in a dirty city or are exposed to too much dust, take your time to ensure that your face is completely clean. Also wipe off any makeup thoroughly. The thing about the product is that it sinks into the pores of the skin and simulates the growth of the hair follicles after extending the growth period. If you want the best eyelash growth product to be able to do so, you have to clean yourself thoroughly so that the pores are open and the follicles can be simulated first.

Once this is done, put the applicator or a Q-tip into the solution and apply it under the eyelashes of your upper eyelids. Close your eyes to ensure that the solution stays on.

Contraindications, warnings and caution

Do not use this product if you have a skin allergy or any skin issues without consulting your doctor first. Use a Q-tip or an applicator and throw these away after using them. Do not re-use them.

Wipe off the product if it falls anywhere else on your body. If you do not do this, you will find yourself growing hair wherever the product has been applied (or has fallen) so be sure to wipe it off immediately, on the spot.

Side effects

There are serious side effects and then the common ones. The latter are experienced by many users though these subside after a while. These include wateriness of the eyes, dryness in the eyes, irritation, redness, itchiness and slight inflammation of the eyelid. These are usually experienced right after application of the product. This is why this is the best eyelash growth product- the effects do not stay for too long and you have nothing to worry about as a user.

Serious side effects include more than usual inflammation of the eyelids and dizziness. Consult a doctor before going for this product even though it is the best eyelash growth product.

Interesting fact

Bimatoprost is the common ingredient in products that are used to help in the growth of the eyelashes.

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